Butler Construction specializes in interior and exterior construction and remodeling services. We are here to serve the North Texas area with a customer service oriented, prompt approach. Covering both Residential & Commercial sectors, Butler Construction is your go to guy for all of your construction and building needs.


At Butler Construction, we complete all levels of the building process, without sub contractors, making us lean and competitive. Because we are in control of all aspects of the project, this enables us to maintain a high level of quality control and allows us to efficiently complete projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

One of our specialties is remodeling, which includes renovating and improving existing structures and houses. We can rejuvenate your bathroom, kitchen or whole house to match an existing theme or new design. Remodels are a great way to invest in your most valuable asset–your home. Call us today and we can work with you to bring a new face to your existing house, commercial building or any other type of structure.


Dallas Roofing Job - New Roof picture

New Roof installed on House

Butler Construction also provides Commercial & Residential Roof Repairs and New Roof Installations. Roofs can become damaged by storms, hail, wind and even normal use over a span of time. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing your entire roof. No matter what the cause, with a simple site survey, we can review your individual situation and advise you on your options and the best way to proceed. When you need a new roof, turn to the experts at Butler Construction…we’ve got you covered!



Awnings & Car Ports

RV Car Port Construction

RV Car Port Construction Job

Awnings and Car Ports can be built to attach to existing structures or they can also be built as solo free standing structures. We specialize in custom work that can accommodate any residential or commercial need. We also build and work on garages & sheds. Whether you need to cover & protect a boat, RV, car or would like a beautiful awning to shade your backyard or other area, we can build a solution to fit your needs.

In the picture to the left, you can see a RV car port that was custom designed and built on to an existing building.




Deck & Stairs at a Country Club

Deck & Stairs Construction at a Country Club

We also build Decks & Stairs, customized to fit any need. In many applications, stained wood provides a natural look and great durability although other materials may better suit your particular situation. We build stair cases and decks to attach to existing free structures, such as this new stair case and deck pictured to the right which was built at a local Texas Country Club.




Fences, Painting & Other Jobs

Butler Construction is the premier Texas contractor for all of your building needs, including smaller jobs such as Painting & Fences. We install New Chain & Wood Fences and repair existing fences. We also handle all types of painting jobs large and small. No matter what your building need, give us a call and we’ll handle it with speed.